Book Club of 1- Meeting 3. Three Books?

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  • Chai Tea


  • Oatmeal

This is a breakfast meeting of this book club.  I had a busy weekend filled with local culture, good food, and good friends.  I got almost no reading done over the weekend.  It was a good thing I had a very full week of audiobooks at work.

As I was writing this, my mother sent me a text message asking me how much I listen to audiobooks as opposed reading print/ebooks.  I happen to have an entry related to my love of audiobooks for later this week so I won’t go too in depth.  Suffice to say, in the summer I listen to far more audiobooks than reading print/ebooks.  Why?  I can listen at work.  I can listen around the house while I do stuff.  I can listen in the car or as I travel somewhere.  I can even listen in the pool thanks to my waterproof iPod Shuffle.  In the summer I go and do things more than I sit at home.  When I am at home I am typically busy.  In the winter nothing makes me happier to stay in bed and read while it snows.

What this means is that this week all three of the books I finished were audiobooks because I listened to all three at work.  All three were fun and easy books to get through while I responded to emails and focused on little projects that took little mental focus.  I had planned to focus this meeting on The Strain.  I love well done vampire books.  I did read Twilight and my biggest regret was getting the people I love to read it.  More on that in another entry.  If you like vampire books, but don’t want romance- try The Strain.  The TV show is also good, but the book is more succinct.

Instead I decided today we are discussing William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope.  Why?  Because I love Star Wars.  I am pretty sure I have loved it since I was born.  I remember seeing Jedi opening day- or maybe earlier.  I was quite young and my mother would know better.  I own all 6 movies (yes, the prequels and I don’t hate them).  I own the DVDs with the original versions of the first three.  I have t-shirts, etc.  When I originally got this book I struggled with the print edition.  I have always preferred my Shakespeare to be performed.  It was worth it.  It was short and the performances were amazing.  It really sounded like the original cast.

My favorite part is how they embraced the Shakespeare inner monologues to foreshadow.  Also, R2-D2 has actual lines.

The whole series has been done in this style, but I am not sure if I will get to the others.  If you like Star Wars and Shakespeare then I highly suggest the books.


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