Book Club of 1: Meeting 5

Finished this week:


  • $3 Chuck


  • frittata!

THIRTY HOURS, PEOPLE!  Anna Karenina is a 30 hour audiobook.  I can’t even talk about it.  I just can’t.

I was going to talk about the Dark Tower graphic novel.  Then I remembered that I plan on writing an entire post about my enjoyment of graphic novels.  After that I remembered that I plan on writing an different post about how much I love the Dark Tower series.  Side note, my dream Roland is actually Sean Patrick Flannery (of Boondock Saints and Young Indiana Jones fame).

Then I thought about a meeting about Wil Wheaton and how much I love him.  Then I thought about a meeting about Alice in Wonderland.  I ended up back at Anna Karenina.  I could have watched a movie for far less time.  In fact I have watched most of the modern adaptations of Anna Karenina.  I knew the story well before I actually read the book.

Personal favorite for adaptations: the one from 2000 with Helen McCroy.  I don’t dislike the one from 2012 with Keira Knightley.  I think it had a strong cast.  I just like the adaptation of the earlier one better.  I like when you have more time to tell the story.  To be fair to the 2012 adaptation, I really appreciated Aaron Taylor-Johnson so much more after seeing him as Vronsky.

I take away a lot about Pre-Victorian and Victorian era Russians from this novel, but above everything else, I think the message is: Everyone sucks, everyone is an asshole, and nobody is ever happy.  Almost every character is the worst except for Levin and Kitty who are sublime.  She won’t put up with his shit and he worships her.  I am just going to ignore his coming back to god at the end of the novel.  I just can’t- I can’t.  That’s a bunch of bullshit.

Next summer: War & Peace, which is a 60 hour audiobook.  I may go insane listening to that one.

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