TBR Shelf: Suggestions From Friends

About 2 years ago I asked my friends to suggest books for me to read.  I was looking for about 20 titles.  I got a list of 14 books

  1. The Beatitudes Book I
  2. Buffalo Bill’s Defunct
  3. Wallflower in Bloom
  4. Elantris
  5. The Passage
  6. Jurgen
  7. The Swan Thieves
  8. Succubus Blues
  9. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir
  10. The Wee Free Men
  11. The Shadow of the Wind
  12. The Round House
  13. A Discovery of Witches
  14. The Art of Racing in the Rain

I am sure someone you remember suggesting one of these books to me.  The ones with the strikethrough are the ones I have read… except 1: The Swan Thieves.  That one I did not care for and gave up before I finished.  I have no loyalty to books.  If I am not enjoying reading/listening then I will give it up.

Most people ignored me.  In fact, I can easily fill in 6 more spots and am still taking suggestions for those 6 spots.  Feel free to suggest a book in the comments- if I already read it, I will just ask you for another.

Most of the people who did suggest books were primarily readers who were not librarians.  Most of my librarian friends had a difficult time with this.  They wanted to suggest a book that I would like.  They wanted information about what books I had liked.  They struggled when I would refuse to answer and simply ask them for a book they liked.

That was the purpose of my exercise: expand my reading selection.  I wanted to read what my friends liked, not what I liked.  Yes, I got a lot of suggestions that were similar to my tastes, but I got some that I would have never read otherwise.  I learned more about my friends when I saw their selections.  I get the inclination to suggest books for a person based on their preference.  I also have books I wish other people would read.

There is something to be said for asking friends for suggestions.  So far, I have no regrets about doing so. I just wish more people had suggested books.

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