Book Club of One Weekly Meeting: Science Fiction, Double Feature…

The two books for meeting
The two books for meeting

Books Read:

Eating and Drinking

Ok, these are not BOTH science fiction.  One is sci-fi and one is fantasy.  It’s a critical difference.  Even in sci-fi, there is a sub-genre of science fantasy.  Star Wars is science fantasy where as Star Trek would be sci-fi.  I think Prelude to Foundation may fit into science fantasy considering that it isn’t dealing with science in so much as the future.  Both of these books were picked because of the Book Lust Challenge.  It’s not that I didn’t like them, it’s just that I would never have picked them up on my own.  The vast majority of the Book Lust Challenge is like that.

Prelude to Foundation is a book that connects two of Asimov’s universe.  If you read or saw iRobot then you have some sense of one of these universes.  It is the first book in a series, but was not the first published.  This is not uncommon for Sci-fi series.  It is not uncommon for these large universes to have books written and then prequels to be an afterthought.

Dealing with Dragons is the first in a YA fantasy series.  The audiobook was all of 4 and a half hours.  It is an interesting story against the power tradition has and why tradition can be so very stupid.  Well, it is more than that, but I took this message away: tradition is stupid.  I picked this book because I needed something quick and easy for a few hours at my desk.

Why so many books?  Well, I spent the past three weeks finishing my tenure packet.  As an academic librarian, I am eligible for tenure at my university.  I got it at my last job and I really hope I have done enough for the past 5 years to get it at this university as well.   It means I have job security for as long as I want it.  Getting my packet ready was really me, sitting at my desk, and doing a lot of pasting statistics into spreadsheets.  I like usage statistics.  I don’t know 99% of the things I can do with them, but neither do a lot of people so as long as they make my point, I am cool.

Tenure exhausted me so science fiction and fantasy was a great way to  keep me sane.  Even after I turned in the packet, these helped me de-stress.  Mix in a head cold and a new puppy… quick and easy audiobooks were a blessing this week.

This is the last meeting for September.  How did I do with my plan?

  1. City of Women– Did not read and probably won’t until November.  I am just not into it.
  2. The Truth According to Us– Read it and loved it!
  3. The Golden Bowl– Did not read and hope to get to in November.
  4. Outlander– Started and it’s not as bad as I feared, but I am not that into it.  I may not finish it in time.  It’s a library ebook with a long waiting list.  I may have to hold off on finishing it for a while.

What is on tap for October:

  1. The Girl in the Spider’s Web – OK, I already started this audiobook and there is a good chance I will finish it before the end of September, but I am not planning to do that.
  2. In the Unlikely Event – This is the new Judy Bloom book.  This depends on my spot on the waiting list and the speed of other readers.
  3. Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania – This too depends on my spot on the waiting list and the speed of other readers.  I don’t care.  I love Larson and want to read all the things.
  4. Flying Colours (Hornblower Saga) – This has been something I have been reading for a while and my plan is to finish it in October.

Reading any of these (or have read)?  Want to do a guest post?  Let me know!

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