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The book I finished this week was part of the Book Lust Challenge and the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge.  I mention this so you can understand that I love challenges.  I do National Novel Writing Month (a few weeks away!) because I love challenges.  I have a ton of knitting challenge that I do as well.  Give me an arbitrary goal with no real reward and I am yours.

This weekend I am taking on a 24 hour read-a-thon.  I am going to turn off the tv, make some tea, and clear out the large pile of books I am currently reading.  I seem to have gotten over my head on Overdrive.  In fact, the Bridegroom was one of those books that almost didn’t get finished this week because there are so many.  Here is the list of currently reading:

Some of these aren’t going to get read because I am bouncing off and on their waitlist, but a bunch are just not priorities.  Here is the plan for the day:

Puppy play time = audiobooks
Puppy sleep time = ebooks and print books

Cedric’s schedule is essentially my schedule now. This means Saturday will probably begin around 7 or 8am- depending on how long he lets me sleep after his breakfast.  I am going to work in hour increments.  Each book gets an hour of my time and I will rotate each hour to another book.  Priority is give to those I have the least to read.  If I somehow manage to get through all those books (those that are available to me), I will start on the books sitting on my Overdrive and Audible accounts.  I will not select a new book at all.

Will I really read for 24 hours?  No, but I will be reading while I am awake.  That means about 16-18 hours of reading.  I may even technically be reading while I sleep.  This happens with audiobooks.  I will be tweeting and posting here.  I will tweet as I read, but do one starting post on Saturday (you can leave messages to cheer me on) and one recap on Sunday.

So, wish me luck!

P.S. the Bridegroom is good for people who like short stories, want to understand life in Communist China better, or want to try reading something completely different.

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