Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon: Recap

Happy Sunday!  I hope it is at least.  I am wrapping up the readathon by simply waking up and getting Cedric Doggery to the vet.  So, how did I do?

6:30- 11:30: Cedric dominated my morning reading.  My plan for hour sprints with each item was screwed by him and his inability to poop.  My life is now ruled by animal bowel movements.  I may write a book about this.  Anyway, it meant my morning was dominated by audiobooks.  I did get an hour in with Outlander, which is nice since this is a massive book.  Most of the time was my listening to Flying Colours while chasing after Cedric and such.  Yes, he went outside when he finally went.

11:30 – 4:30:  I went to the gym and ran errands just so I could get reading done.  No, seriously… I totally did.  Of course this is the day everyone wants to talk to me.  My first 8 hours were basically spent trying to get something done and being interrupted.  So, I took my Kindle and went to the gym and then to do errands.  I got about 30 minutes to reading done at the gym and then switched back to audiobooks with errands.  At about 4pm Cedric was crazy enough to require that we go out.  While at a local park with him I did finish Bird (an audiobook).

4:30- 8:30: Cedric was finally calm enough for me to get stuff done.  I finished Flying Colours while I knit my shawl and the puppy slept on my lap.  I know I said I wouldn’t start any books not on the list, but I did start the audiobook for The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  I didn’t want to move the puppy and didn’t have a book within reach when I finished Flying Colours.  This morning I was glad I had it.

8:30 – 11pm: Cedric and I spent the evening warm under a blanket on the couch before going to bed.  While I did make progress on reading different titles, I didn’t finish other books.  Here are the books I made progress on:

I am happy with what I have accomplished this time, especially since I had no idea what to expect.  I do think next time (April), I will go in with a smaller list and just commit to finishing a book before focusing on any other.

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