Weekly Meeting: A Few of Memoirs and Reviewing October

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I like celebrity memoirs.  Primarily because the celebrities that interest me are funny people or because it’s a micro-memoir (see Christi’s meeting for As You Wish).  Just to be clear, last week I talked about the micro-history book.  A micro-memoir doesn’t focus on someone’s entire life, but a very specific period of time.  In the case of As You Wish, it focuses just on the making of The Princess Bride.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet

The two I read recently are traditional memoirs.  The difference I see between an autobiography and memoir is focus.  When someone write’s an autobiography they are writing about their entire lives, up to the moment of writing, and writing something comprehensive and complete.  A memoir is far more focused on a period of time or a theme.  They are also written well before the end of someone’s life.  These books are a mix of autobiography and memoir.  They aren’t comprehensive coverage of their author’s lives, but they are focused on things and events that shaped them as women, actresses, writers, etc.

These are two women who are of my generation.  I understand their lives, especially Felicia Day, even though I lived a very different one.  I encourage reading both depending on your preference.

Recap of October time.  I said I was going to read 4 books in October:

  1. The Girl in the Spider’s Web – Yes, I read it and felt it was not as amazing as the previous three.  With the news that 2 more books are being written… I am pretty sure I will still read them.  I didn’t dislike the new one and you have to really piss me off to get me to stop reading.  I mean, really piss me off.  I still want to read those terrible Dune books.  Can I add, they did this with the Bourne series after Ludlam died.  
  2. In the Unlikely Event – I am STILL on the waiting list.  There are 3 people still a head of me.
  3. Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania – Another one I am still waiting for.  I am not sure I will get to this one before the end of the year. There are 13 people ahead of me.
  4. Flying Colours (Hornblower Saga) – Finished this over the weekend as part of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon.

What is on tap for November:

  1. In the Unlikely Event – I think I will get off the wish list this month.  Fingers crossed!
  2. The Secret Chord – I got this at Book Expo and love other things Brooks has written.
  3. The Martian – I do want to read this before I bother with the movie.  I have heard good things about both… including from my mother who doesn’t do science fiction.
  4. The Tsar of Love and Techno – This is one I got at ALA and sounds very interesting.
  5. Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined: This will be the next “I Read So You Don’t Have To” book.  Wish me luck.

Update from September:

  1. City of Women: It’s the November book for my real-life book club.  I guess I should read it already.
  2. Outlander: I am almost done with it and should be by the end of the month.
  3. The Golden Bowl: I may actually get to it this November, but I am still trying to clear off the Currently-Reading pile.

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