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NaNoWriMo ML
NaNoWriMo ML

It’s November and, for me, that means it’s National Novel Writing Month.  This is year 12 for me and for the first time, in a long time, I am writing something original.

This year I am working on a mystery novel about a serial killer in an academic library.  In no way is my life influencing my work.

For me NaNo is about 2 things.  First, it is keeping the knife sharp.  I use it to practice writing in order to remain a good writer.  It doesn’t matter if the final product is any good.  The fact that I am writing influences all my other writing.  Even writing this blog is a writing exercise.  Second, it is the first draft process.

For years I just wrote to write, but for the past year I have been playing with the idea of publishing something I wrote.  If you didn’t find it yet, my local writing group put together a magazine of our short stories.  You can read Mill Pages for free.  I have a short story in there.  This publication has made me step up in publishing other things I have written.  I am not publishing to make money (thought it would be nice), but to share what I have written.  Over 2016, I have three main projects I am working on and will publish in some way.  There is a good chance a free chapter of these novels will show up here for people to read and links to buy copies of the entire books will be linked here as well.  No, I won’t be reading my own work.

So, what am I working on this year?  Last year I tried my first mystery novel.  I enjoyed it, but I am not sure if people could guess the bad guy before I was ready.  This year I am trying another mystery- this time a murder mystery. I really think I can hide the identity of the killer until the right moment.  To do so I have spent more time planning this novel than most others in the past.

Towards the end of the month I will talk more about what I did and how it turned out.  I may even have a short horror story for people to read before the month is out.  It was part of my warm-up exercises and was my very first attempt at writing horror.

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