Recollection Wednesday: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner

I am starting the 2016 changes to the blog.  I think I am ready to try posting 3 times a week.  Weekly meetings will be on Monday and other topics will move from Thursday to Friday.  This opens up Wednesday for a few things.  ‘I Read So You Don’t Have To’ posts will be one of the things that happens on Wednesday, but there aren’t going to be many of those.  I have been thinking back on books I wish I could talk about, but read before the blog started.  That is why I am starting Recollection Wednesday.  I will look back at things I read before I started the blog and rant about them.  It may be a good rant or it may be a bad rant, but it will be a rant (for now).

This week I am taking on The Maze Runner, the most sexist YA dystopian future I have ever read.  Dashner can suuuuucccckkk it!  Heads up, this is not a good rant and will include some profanity.

Start Rant

Here are the things that angered me about The Maze Runner:

  1. a walled in community full of boys?  Fuck that.  I get it, the popular dystopians (Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.) primarily focus on girls/women.  They don’t cut boys/men out of the entire book.  Yes, he added a girl, but she is little more than a prop to move the plot forward.  Plus, a community of just boys and we don’t get to talk about sex at all?  These are teenage boys and many of them are homosexual.
  2. Speaking of that girl, still no sex talk?  These are teenage boys.  I call shenanigans on that.
  3. Exactly what was the point of a maze?  Exactly why were these boys abandoned and manipulated?  Maybe other books would get into that, but it was a very muddled logic.  Again: shenanigans.
  4. How is the one boy who figured it all our turned into the bad guy?  Why on earth would these boys trust the newest member of the group when one of them KNOWS what the fuck is going on with him?  They may be teenagers, but they aren’t idiots.  Well, maybe they are and that is the key to the future?  I don’t care actually.
  5. I liked zero of these characters except the supposed ‘bad guy’.  Maybe it’s because I am an adult, but I find the popularity of this series difficult to believe.
  6. I am tired of adults being complete assholes who aren’t capable of seeing beyond their power play.  I am tired of teenagers having to save the world alone.  I am tired of dystopian action books.  I am going to try avoiding them for a year.

Yes, I saw the movie and it makes even less sense than the book.  I think the Grievers were well done, but other than that I wanted to…. go bite my pillow.

Bite my pillow

End of rant

Suggestions for better:

If you want dystopian futures with a male protagonist, I suggest these FAR BETTER books-


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