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As we close in on the end of 2015, I am thinking of the future of this blog.  I am sure you have noticed some of the changes.  I am trying to be more focused with the weekly meeting entries.  Rather than just ranting about a random topic, I am attempting to focus on the book.  I have added in a third post for the week, looking back at books I have read in the past.

My dream is to read ALL THE BOOKS!
My dream is to read ALL THE BOOKS!

One thing I talked about in the past was reading books suggested by friends.  As I make my way through that list, I find myself mostly enjoying the books that have been suggested.  Since I typically cover about 4-5 books a month, I think I have room for a few more friend suggestions.  In that original post, I mentioned I was originally looking for 20 books to be suggested, but only got 14.  That means, I am open to 6 more suggestions (at least).  This is your chance to suggest a book I should read.  There are no rules to your suggestion, but here is a guide to making said suggestion:

  1. Don’t worry about what you think I will like, this is a way for me to expand my reading horizons.
  2. Don’t worry if I have already read it or not.  I will let you know if I need another suggestion.
  3. I may veto a book if it angers or offends me.
  4. Feel free to use my Goodeads account to help you, especially the list of books I have read.
  5. Pick a book that means something to you or that you enjoyed.

You don’t have to just suggest a book for me to read, you can suggest a book for me to cover on Wednesdays.  In that case, the list of books I have read is critical.  I may veto one of those, but only because I don’t remember enough to write something.    You can suggest books for the “I read so you don’t have to” series.  I am open to ideas on all of it!

Last, if you want to do a guest post or a joint post (book club of 2 or 3) then we can even try that!

This is your chance for your chance to direct what I read and what gets posted here in the next year.  Bring it on!

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