Recollect Wednesday: The Survivors

The Survivors

This week my Wednesday selection is connected to the weekly meeting.  The Survivors was a book I discovered a few years ago at Book Expo.  I was actually with Christi that year and it wasn’t this book the publisher was promoting, it was the second in the series.  They gave a discount on the app for this book to people who took the second book.

I liked the women at this booth and not because I liked the premise of the book.  The connection between this and The Witches is that this series has a backstory related to Salem.  What if the accused had actually been witches?  What if they had managed to escape and protect themselves before the trials could begin?  What if they used their power to elongate their lives and build a secret community?  What if one of them then decided to leave after hundreds of years?

That was all I needed for the hook, but when I learned about the ebook app they had created I got excited.  They had created the first good augmented book.  What does that mean?  Right now, on most ebook readers, you can select a word and get a definition.  Others may also allow you to connect to a Wikipedia entry.  What if you clicked on content and got a song, picture, or video.  You could hear the songs that inspired the writer, hear from subject experts on historical novels, or see the location (or inspiration for a location).  What if your author created twitter and other social media accounts for the characters.  The posts were all written as the character and said character interacts with other characters as well as readers.  This is what the publisher was doing.  It was awesome and I suggested they take on the classics.

Alas, the publishing industry isn’t interested enough in this and the series ended after the 3rd book (but it wasn’t actually done).  The book is hard to get now, but it was Twilight-esq.  The key difference: the characters are equals.  Sadie has her own power already, it was just different.

I hate to suggest a book that is difficult to get and a series that is impossible to actually finish, but the app is still for sale in the Apple App store.  Remember, you are buying a book so the $12.99 price tag is connected to that.

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