It’s A Movie: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


We all know I love Pride and Prejudice.  What I don’t often talk about it that I enjoy zombie books and movies.  It’s not a love universally acknowledged, but when P&P&Z came out I was thrilled and I was not disappointed.  I read the second and third book, which were not terrible.  I read the graphic novel, which remains the worst graphic novel I have ever read.

When they announced the movie I was nervous.   I had good reasons to be nervous.  These mashup books, aside from this one, did not have the best track record.  Further, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was really disappointing.  Then they announced the cast and while there were some thrills (Charles Dance!  Lena Headey!  Matt Smith!), the casting of Lily James as Elizabeth and Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy left me worried.

Actually, it was just Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy that had me worried.  I blame Kerouac and the casting choices for On The Road.  He was not a good Kerouac because they mistook Kerouac.  He was a alcoholic ex-football player, not a skinny, quiet guy.  I have heard enough Lowell residents who remember him peeing on their lawn when drunk… Sam Riley was not right at all.

I take all that back now, he was brilliant at Mr. Darcy.  He is not my favorite, but he was amazing against Lily James who took Elizabeth Bennet to a whole new level.  The entire cast was spot on, but none were as amazing as Matt Smith as Mr. Collins.

Matt Smith as Mr. Collins
Matt Smith as Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins is suppose to annoy you.  Most play him as oblivious and socially inept.  Matt made him much more of a buffoon than others.  Things that would normally be said in private conversations (in other adaptations) were said right in front of the entire room.  When he was on screen the people in the theater all laughed.  It was the dancing that took it in a completely unexpected direction.  I wanted a gif to share, but no… they don’t exist yet.  I will probably put them on Tumblr when I do find some.

I know some people think this movie is a travesty and Austen would’t care for it or the book.  At least one person was surprised at my excitement for this movie and enjoyment of the book (there are a number of ball jokes…).  I don’t agree that Austen would be annoyed or disappointed.  I think she would enjoy this.  They are true to her story and her characters.

My point is this: go see the movie and read the book.  Don’t take it seriously and let yourself enjoy something completely aware that it is a zombie book and movie.

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