Recollection Wednesday: The Books of Hadley Irwin

Moon and Me
Moon and Me

Last Wednesday I laid into my middle school a bit more than is fair.  While I was forced to read 2 books that I strongly disliked (hated in one case and was too young for in the other), I got far more positive things from those 2 years than negative.  Middle school was where I developed my love for oration.  This is more than just speaking in public and it is something I continue to enjoy.  It was when I wrote poetry, played Oregon Trail, and actually read books I remember fondly.  One of the great experiences I had was discovering the works of Hadley Irwin.

Did anyone else read her books in middle school?  Few people seem to know who this woman was, let alone that she was actually 2 women.  When I started developing this entry a few weeks ago, I ended up on her Wikipedia page.  For those who don’t know, for the past 70-ish days I have been editing a different Wikipedia entry every day and will until I have done so for 100 days.  As I read over the entry, I decided to edit it as well.  It helped spark some memories of the books.

Why is sparking my memory an issue?  Well, I don’t remember which of the books I read.  I remember reading three specific titles: Moon and Me, Kim/Kimi, and Lilith Summer.  I am not sure if I read the others.  I am pretty sure I did.  I tend to get obsessed with an author and consume all I can.  If I didn’t read all the books it was probably because I couldn’t get them through the library.  I find that hard to believe for 1 reason: both authors came to my middle school and spoke to my class.  I imagine having her books in the collection would have been a priority for my school librarian.

All of this has been going through my head for days as I try to recapture memories about reading books I loved.  This often happens when I think back to what I read as a child and young adult.  I never tracked reading before the web made it easy to do so.  I have stronger memories of what I read in high school and college, but elementary school and middle school reading is fuzzy.  The books I remember are the books that I have strong memories about.  In those cases I rarely have concrete memories of what I loved or hated about the book.  It is a weird feeling.

Do you remember any of the books you read in middle school?  Leave the title in the comments and maybe it will spark a memory for me.

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