No More Nazi Books!

I read 8 books about World War 2, Nazis, or the Holocaust in the last year.
I read 8 books about World War 2, Nazis, or the Holocaust in the last year.

I am so tired of reading books about Nazis and World War 2.  SOOOOOO TIRED!  This can be extended to the Holocaust, the beginning of Nazi Germany, World War 2 in the European theater, WW2 in the Asian theater, WW2 impact on other countries, WW2 veterans after WW2.  I have been reading these books most of my teen and adult life.

I have been feeling burnt out on these books, but there seems to be an obsession with the time period.  Not just in literature, but in society.  The fact that we are talking about Hitler’s micro-penis is evidence of it.  From a literature point of view, though, there are an abundance of other time periods to set a story.  There are other time periods with compelling stories related to said period.

This year I am not reading any books about World War 2, Nazis, the Holocaust, Jews in the Holocaust, or anything related.  The closest I am coming to touching this will be books like The Reader, which is connected to the period, but takes place after.  That is it.  I am holding off until, AT LEAST, 2017.  I may even extend it a second year.

I feel like I should have a hashtag for this too: #nomorenazibooks

If you are as tired of these books as I am, share the tag and stop reading books about World War 2.  Share your list of history books you suggest to get away from this time period.

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