Weekly Meeting: Revealing Hannah- The Myth of Cassandra

Revealing Hannah: The Myth of Cassandra
Revealing Hannah: The Myth of Cassandra

I am covering  Revealing Hannah: The Myth of Cassandra, another Real-Life Book Club title, but for a specific reason.  Not only is the author a friend, but the book club got to help an independent author by creating discussion questions for other book clubs.


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What You Should Know:

  • This s the first in a 3-part series
  • The second is hopefully going to come out in the next few months!
  • This is a good book to read on the beach this summer


As I mentioned, my Real-Life book club and I got to help Laura (the author) develop discussion questions for other book clubs to use when they read this book.  I am not going to reveal the questions here.  You can read the book and get them from Laura.  I actually encourage you to do that…

Instead, I want to discuss the nature of book club discussion questions.  Having seen enough over the past few years, you can easily find some themes in them.  My fellow book club members picked up on similar ideas.  My favorite questions are those that use a situation from the story and then ask you to think about what you would do in a similar situation.  Others wrote questions comparing characters.  Since this story involved the Greek gods in modern times, comparing the ancient god to the modern god is a fun discussion point.

I enjoyed writing the questions and hope to do it again some day.  Maybe I will do it here!  So many of the books I read don’t actually have discussion questions.  Actually, if you would like to do that with me then we can make it a thing.

Who Will Like:

  • Those who want an easy and fast-paced story, but with more substance than a typical beach read.
  • People who like Greek mythology.
  • Those who like to read local authors.

Other Books Finished This Week:

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