Managing the TBR Pile…. er…. Bookshelf

The To-Be-Read Bookcase
The To-Be-Read Bookcase

It has been almost a year since I shared a picture of my To Be Read collection of books.  It takes up 2 of 6 bookcases in my bedroom.

I like having books where I sleep.  I think I sleep better for it.

Most people don’t have such a  large collection of things to be read.  Most readers probably do.

I grew up with piles of books on night tables next to beds.  I have always been a consumer of books.  I like to have them on hand.  I have talked about how I get so many of them and what I do with them when I am done, but I have never really talked about how I manage them.

One of the reasons I have so many reading challenges is to make sure I actually read the books that come into the house.  I am goal oriented so I use this quirk to help me get through the books.  I try to only read books on these shelves before I consume something new.  It doesn’t often work, but things have gotten better over the past couple of years.

Each shelf has a specific collection of books.  For example, two are made up of books from Book Expo, ALA, and other conferences.  They are shelved in reverse chronological order.  The top shelf has the most recent publications.  Another shelf has books I could potentially check out as ebooks from the library.  I don’t get rid of the print because they library may weed the ebook from their collection before I get to it.  Other shelves only have books that are listed in Book Lust.  This is just how I manage the physical collection.

The complete collection is managed on Good Reads.  There it is a mix of books I actually own (labeled as on-shelf) and those I want to read.  Even the challenges are part of the virtual organization as they are often their own shelf within my collection.

I am a librarian so I like things organized.  This may not be normal for people.  In fact, most of my non-librarian friends on GoodReads are not this organized.  As far as other librarians go… I am tame.

How do you organize your TBR pile or bookshelf?

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  1. I stash books in places I know I will be waiting…my car (waiting on kids) my nightstand (waiting to turn out the light- or if it is a good book, waiting for my spouse to fall asleep so I can turn the light back on) my bag (waiting for a friend at the coffee shop)…then rotated out once it is read. Organized by accessible time as opposed to other parameters…;-)

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