Give Away Day!

The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Today I am giving away a copy of The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder by William Anderson.

No, I have not read this book.  I probably won’t.  There is nothing wrong with this book.  I am just not into it.

This is an advanced reader copy (ARC) and the book was published about a month ago.  It will come with a bonus prize that I won’t share at the moment… probably some type of totebag.

This book is good for people who like to read letters by famous people; those who enjoy Laura Ingalls Wilder; and those who enjoy learning more about pioneering days in America.

Would you like a copy?  Please leave a comment to be entered into the raffle.  It will be done at the end of the week and the winner announced here on the blog.

0 thoughts on “Give Away Day!

  1. I remember the first ever thing I got from those little book fairs at school were the LIW books. Complete set. And the TV show became my new obsession at eight 🙂 I would love a chance to receive this!

    1. I remember those kinds of book fairs at my elementary school too. I think now Scholastic (the publisher) dominates them so their publications are the ones sold.

  2. This is my comment, which I am primarily leaving to 1. prove that I read your blog and 2. be entered in this giveaway. That being stated, I actually think Lizziebdarcy should win the giveaway (any chance that’s Christi?) – this person actually seems super interested in the book, and bothered to state it in her (his?) comment. So, that is my two cents, which was not asked for. Have a super day!

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