Mid-Month Check In

How is it half way through April already?  I am actually writing this a few days before it is posted.  I have been doing that a lot this month.  I am glad I did.

So, what has been going on?

One big thing, my grandmother passed away this month.  I will say more about that in another post because it is important.  More so since I started this year with 4 living grandparents and before the half-way point, I am down by half.  I have been very lucky to get to nearly 40 years old with all four grandparents living.  I know so many people get merely a fraction of that time with their grandparents.  It still hurts and I am still processing.  Having written so many entries ahead of time has helped me deal with my grief and not feel like I have other things to worry about.

Camp NaNoWriMo is still going well.  I changed my goal to 12,000 words (from 10,000) and while I am a bit behind, I still have plenty of time to catch up.  I did complete one of the short stories and started another.  I am not worried about reaching the goal and I am very pleased with the first drafts.

What has been happening on the blog?  Well, how about some statistics!  I know, thrilling…

So far there have been over 77 views and 50 visits this month.

My most popular posts include the give aways and books about my friends!

No, not very interesting.  Hey, not all of these posts are going to be insightful and interesting… or either.

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