Getting Ready for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read A Thon

Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!
Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

Do you know what time of year it is?  No!  Not Passover… I mean, yes, Passover, but ALSO Dewey’s 24 Hour Read A Thon time!!!! Also, Passover.

Last time (October) I was dealing with a baby puppy (not just a puppy, but less than 6 months old).  He was wild, crazy, and still pooped in the house.  Since then he has calmed down, I know how to manage him better, and he poops outside.

This time, I have to deal with Passover.  Specifically, the second seder at the home of cousins.  Don’t worry- they are readers.  If I can’t read for 4-ish hours, at least I can discuss books.  Bonus points: I will probably read the Haggadah (the seder guide book, if you will) while drunk on kosher wine.  I have no tolerance and this is a drinking holiday.  MAYBE we will do the post-dinner drinking songs.

So, how am I going to manage this?  The beauty is that I get up at about 6am thanks to the puppy.  That gives me plenty of time to make some headway.  I also have a 2 hour drive (there and back).  I am going to focus, again, on audiobooks because they give me the most freedom to move around, play with the puppy, and get things done.

My listening priority is the David Copperfield audiobook.  I have about 20 hours of it left.  I don’t expect to finish, but I expect to make some significant headway.  After that I am working on recent release Jane Steele (which I hope to also give away the ARC for before the end of the month).  Here is my complete list in priority order:

  1. David Copperfield (hope to make progress)
  2. The Last King of Scotland  (hope to finish)
  3. The Time Machine (hope to finish)
  4. Jane Steele
  5. A More Perfect Heaven
  6. Sons and Lovers

I hope to make some progress (even if just an hours worth of reading) in all 5 of those books.  I am going to try for at least 1 hour per book.

I will post a mid-day update on Saturday and a review of how I did on Sunday.

Wish me luck!!!

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