The Book Binge and the Book Purge

BONUS POST!  It’s that kind of day.  I need to write my feelings.  This is far better than eating my feelings, believe me.

Get out of my dreams and onto my bookshelf!
Get out of my dreams and onto my bookshelf!

I talk a lot about how I get books.  I rarely buy them, but when I do I go big!  I follow the instagram feed for Serpentine Books, you know, one of my favorite book stores.  They posted this picture of a Folio Society colleciton of Austen’s works.  If you go see the picture on the feed you will see my pledge to buy it.

So I did.  Best $75 I have ever spent.  I made a promise to myself (and Sabine and Cedric) that I would weed from my collection if they let me buy it.  The benefit of sharing your life with typically silent pets, they never disagree or tell you no.

Yes, I bought it.  Not only that, I weeded.  I started with my Austen books.  I removed 3 non-essential/special to me volumes from that specific collection.  Then I had an aggravating day.  When I went home for lunch (to walk Cedric), I got the itch to purge.

I get this itch every so often.  I need to free myself of things.  It typically happens when I have been watching reality shows about Hoarders.  It has just been happening a lot lately.  I want to purge yarn, books, clothes, and tons of other things.  This has been happening at work and at home.  I suspect it has to do with spring and increased energy.  Connected to this is a need to re-organize everything.  That does find me buying more office supplies, but this year I am working with what I already have and re-organizing.

Right now I have a crate full of books I want to take to the local book drops like Free Little Library and the remaining Bus Stop Book boxes.  I feel lighter now that I have done this too!

Yes, it does mean there may be one additional give away because I removed the book from my TBR shelf.

I am going to take advantage of this need to purge and keep going.  Maybe there are books in the permanent collection that can be weeded too.

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