Thinking About May

It's gonna be May
It’s gonna be May

The month of April is almost over and so is my daily publishing of entries.  I am ready to get back to 3-posts a week.

With May looming, I am thinking about what comes next.  I am still enjoying writing this blog and I still have plenty to write about.

So, what is coming up for May?

Alas, Richard Armitage is not reading me a bedtime story...
Alas, Richard Armitage is not reading me a bedtime story…

First, I hope to finish David Copperfield.  I love Richard Armitage and he is the only thing keeping this audiobook going.  He is amazing, but Dickens is not easy to get through.  Once I finish, there is going to be a special entry.

PS- Christi, how are you doing with it?  Did you finish yet?  If so, bravo!

I am about to start the new Joe Hill book and hope to cover it in May.  I also have a few books about to come my way via Overdrive.  I am not committing myself to any books.

Oh, there will be one more bonus give away next month and I hope to have read that book by the time I do that.  No, it’s not the new Joe Hill.  You can suck it.  I am keeping that book and he will someday autograph it for me…

Oh, a heads up: I am doing a summer reading program with prizes!  Yes, an adult summer reading program.  I am a librarian and I like reading programs.  All sorts of information is coming about that.  More information may be coming about my own first book.  It may not happen in June because of reasons.  I should have more information about that in a few weeks.

Other than that, there is not much to share about May plans.  I thought I would have a good grasp on it after this month, but alas.  I am enjoying the seat-of-my-pants discussions.

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