How Do Book Influence Our Self-Image?

One of the big conversations in popular culture is about diversity in representation of characters.  Most of that conversation revolves around movies and how often white actors and actresses play minority character.  The connected conversation is how rarely there are minority characters in both movies and books.  One example is that the character of Rue in The Hunger Games was cast as a black girl in the movies.  In the book, Rue was never really described in detail, but her skin tone was mentioned in relation to another character.  That didn’t stop people (racists, basically) from getting upset.

The internet’s reaction to thing is typically represented as the loudest, most obnoxious reaction.  That is typically hate and anger.

Never mind that.

The issue of diversity has often been talked about as seeing yourself in media: books, movies, t-shows, graphic novels, etc.  What we don’t often talk about is how our sense of self is shaped by that same media.  When we do, we often focus on our physical idea of self and how it is skewed by magazine.

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