Book Club of 1 Summer Reading 2016

Summer Reading 2016
Summer Reading 2016

Let’s do this!

First things first- I need people to sign up!

Some details about signing up.  This is so I can keep track of anyone participating.  Everyone who does sign up gets a special note from me and a sticker (see the graphic above).  Why?  Because I am love getting mail and stickers.  I already have mine in my reading journal.  Why?  You should be able to figure this out already.   This will make it easier for me to send prizes.  If you live outside the US and Canada, there is a very good chance I can’t afford to send prizes to you.  I might find a way around it (like prizes mailing directly from Amazon or Etsy (depending on what prizes are available).  I just want you to go in knowing this.

When will all this happen?  From June 1 – August 11.  That’s 10 weeks (and a few extra days) to submit.  Everything must be submitted by August 11, 2016 to be considered.

Second thing- Download/print tracking sheet!

Put the 5 titles you read on it, take a picture, scan it, or do something to get it to me via the web.  For each 5 titles, you get a raffle ticket.  There will eventually be a spreadsheet with names and ticket numbers.

Third thing- Want to write a review?  

Reviews will get you an extra raffle ticket per review.  All reviews will be posted on Thursdays.  If you submit one and want a picture with it, let me know.  I can add something.  I reserve the right to not publish a review if I feel it’s mean or inappropriate.

Fourth thing- PRIZES!!!!

They will be a mix of things from upcoming conferences.  It may be books, book art, free stuff the vendors give away (TOTE BAGS! PENS!), and it could be things other people give me to give away.  I don’t know yet.  I will pull raffle winners as long as I have things to give away.  There is a good chance you will get multiple prizes because… well, I only have so many readers.

There will be a grand prize as well.  For the person who reads the most.  That person gets a $50 gift card for Out Of Print– you know, the place that makes the pretty book cover t-shirts.  If the winner reads more than I do, then I will add another $10 to that.

Keep in mind, I read A LOT.

Fifth thing- Rules:

  • All I ask is that you read adult or mature YA books.  This can include new adult books.
  • Yes, you can re-read a book, just not a book you are reading over these 10 weeks.
  • If we get to August and you have only read one book, send me the title and I will give you a raffle ticket.  Don’t stress.  One book is more than not reading anything and sometimes it is all you can do.  This isn’t school!
  • I reserve the right to disqualify someone because they are being difficult, gaming the system, spamming, or being a douche bag.  This is fun and easy, don’t ruin it.
  • There will hopefully be prizes for everyone, but only because I will be happy if 5 people sign up for this.

Everything else will be dealt with as needed.  In a few days there will be a whole page about this on the blog.

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