Happy Birthday Cedric Doggery… and This Blog!

Sara and Cedric Doggery

A year ago I had just come back from Sacramento visiting my sister after my first ALA conference.  I had made one decision while away: I was getting a dog.  I had a name picked out and a plan in place.  About a week later another decision was made: I was going to try blogging again.  Things have changed so much since both decisions, but last July 1st was Cedric’s first birthday and  July 18th is the first birthday of the blog.

I have been thinking a lot about what is different after a year.  With the announcement of my novel’s publication, I have been reflecting on what has gone on over the past year and how I have changed.  I wrote on Friday about my increased confidence in relation to my writing.  Publishing a novel has been on a list of life goals for years.  Some day I will write an entry about how goal focused I am and how it works really well for me.

Cedric Doggery
Cedric Doggery – Age 1

While some momentous things are happening right now, it has not been a whole year of constant big events.  Like with everything, the past year has ebbed and flowed with ups and downs.  The death of both my grandmothers has been a big part of it.  There was a massive shift in my outlook to my role at work.  There was getting tenure, giving me job security and standing at said job.  There was meeting new people and getting more involved within various communities.  There was anger, sadness, frustration, and annoyance to match my happiness, satisfaction, excitement, and joy.  For every failure (and there have been tons of that), there has been success or, at the very least, lessons learned.

So, what should you expect for the next year?  This blog is about to change significantly.  I have been teasing it, but I think I have a sense of what I want to do.  I will still mention my reading, but it will be less of the focus.  It is going to be more about me as a writer, knitter, librarian, and all of that.  There will still be 3 posts a week, but things are going to change.  Like with every book club, members get bored and things have to change.  So, get ready for some change here, but then again, change has been happening all along anyway.  Basically, keep your level of expectation for change because I am going to keep going.

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