Reading Monday: Your Probably Already Read This One…

18007564This week I finally tackled The Martian– finally!

I saw the movie like a month ago when it finally aired on HBO.  You are probably not surprised that I loved both the book and the movie.  Probably because most of you enjoyed both.

This was not the only book I finished this week, I also finished The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: And Their Race to Save the World’s Most Precious Manuscripts, which was not as thrilling as I thought.  It is very informative regarding what has been happening in Mali and insightful as to why France seems to be the current target for terrorist activity.  It is not really the story of the Ahmed Baba Institute (the library in question).  The creation of the library is a small part of the book, but the majority of the book is about WHY they had to protect all these volumes.  Why?  Terrorists and extremists.


Personally, I preferred the Martian.  Weir was smart to mix the logs and the work being done back on earth.  It allowed for a number of fun moments when he switched narrator.  It also kept the reader engaged in the story.

I find it fascinating that the success of this book had people engaged in us getting to Mars.  After years of a space program on the wain, it seems that NASA and other countries are exploring space travel beyond the International Space Station and more trips to the Moon.  Astronauts even seem to be regaining notoriety.  I even picked up a memoir by Mike Massimino at the conference and gave it to my father.

I am glad I finally read the Martian.  I was pleased the movie was so true to the novel and that the novel worked well when it came to adapting.  It’s nice when that works out.

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