Don’t Forget To Sign Up- Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long

Northanger Abbey Read-a-long
Northanger Abbey Read-a-long

How is it almost mid-way through September already?  I swear, I am going to wake up tomorrow and it will be my 41st birthday.

I just want to remind everyone that I am doing a Read-a-Long for Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.  You might as well participate.  I mean, we are going to discuss it here.

How does this work again?  Well, it’s pretty easy: you read Northanger Abbey through the month of October.  You discuss it here.  The end… also, I got stickers… and I need your email.

Sign up if you want to participate! 

Ok, there may be a little more involved.  Here is how it will work:

  1. Get any copy of the book you want.  Buy it, check it out, get the ebook, listen to the audiobook… just focus on the version of the book you want.  You have until October 1 to get it.  Hopefully that will be plenty of time.  Personally, I am doing the audio book.
  2. The schedule is being posted bellow and emailed as people sign up.
  3. Each week I will post an entry here on Thursdays for people to post their comments about what we read.  This can include: questions, favorite details, quotes, or anything else you want to mention.
  4. The month ends and… that’s it… well, for now that’s it.  There may be more later.
  5. I will email you through the month with reminders on which chapters to read and when discussion posts are open.

Don’t want to read Northanger Abbey?  Don’t worry, we are going to do this again in January with Persuasion to prepare for my book’s release.  Depending on the state of my self-esteem post book release, we may do this with my book too.  Basically, Jane Austen people- JANE AUSTEN.

Here is the schedule for the month:

  • Thursday, October 6: Volume 1,  Chapters 1-7
  • Thursday, October 13: Volume 1, Chapters 8-15
  • Thursday, October 20: Volume 2, Chapters 1-8
  • Thursday, October 27: Volume 2, Chapters 9-16
  • Monday, October 31: Final Catchup and Commentary

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