Rethinking Goals

I have talked a bit about the feeling of accomplishing a big life goal and the need I have to replace it with something else that will require a lot of work to achieve.  I have goals of various levels of work.  Some are really easy to achieve.  For example, how many books I read a year is not going to require much work beyond reading.  Other goals are broken up into smaller goals.  My goals related to my health are smaller steps to get me to the bigger goal.

I can break my biggest goals down to these:

  1. My education goal: getting a PhD
  2. My health goal
  3. My publishing goal (which I have made happen)
  4. My retirement goal

Reaching one of these goals has resulted in me thinking about these again and wondering if they are things I still want.  Let’s take my retirement goal.  For nearly 10 years I have wanted one thing for retirement: Paris.  Then I went to the UK and though I could do either Oxford or Paris for retirement.  This has been the plan for so long that all the other goals are really designed to get me there.  Publish a book, get healthy, my education: all ways to help me live when I have left my life behind for Europe.

Then there is this other, connected goal, of moving closer to my sister on the west coast.  That has been a recent geographic goal.  It is a very realistic one, but I struggle when I imagine what my life will be like out there.  I have no problem uprooting my life for something different.  I just like to make sure this is more than a desire to simply move away.  Life doesn’t just automatically get better because we change our geography.

Then I spoke something out load that I had not thought about before: a writers retreat.  I want to have a place that I can open up to writers where they can come and write.  I want a place where they can meet other writers and work together.  I want a place where they can come and learn about editing, publishing, design, marketing, etc.  I don’t want to be the one to teach them, but to be the place that brings them all together.  I had this momentary vision of me living in a tiny house on the property.  The entire house would be the (basically) B&B.

I am not sure where this idea came from, but I am excited about it in a way I need to be excited.  It raises so many questions about every other goal.  Do I really want a PhD?  Will it be worth the time and expense?  Can I have this writers retreat in Europe?  I can do it on the west coast, but is geography an issue?  Have things in my life changed enough to make me re-think the goals I set?  I challenged myself to sit down and think deeper about the goals I set in the past.


I am in the middle of doing that now.  The more I think things through, the more I want to wipe them all clear and start with fresh new goals.  Not only that, I want to re-approach how I work through goals and what little goals I try to accomplish in connection to the greater goals.

And it all started because I had a sudden vision of something I wanted.

What about you?  Have any new goals come up lately?


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  1. I always wanted my PhD. I hasdhasd Edd. But I wanted the next one. I am glad I did it . So don’t lose site of that goal. It will fit nicely with your retreat plans. West coast is good, but the middle might make it more accessible to every one interested. Like Kansas or Missouri. I had many goals at 40 and at 50 I was able to take off the ones I hard done and add to the list. At 60, I am trying to make new goals, but working on music and writing and history meet and go beyond my goals. So never stop growing or learning

    1. Honestly, the mid-west is the last place I want to end up. I am still working through this process though. The post about the PhD reassessment just went up. I don’t think a PhD is part of the plan anymore. It may fit nicely with the plan for a retreat, but at what cost? I don’t really want a PhD in education and creative writing PhDs are uncommon.

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