Weekly Reading: David Copperfield

David Copperfield

I have spent 36 hours listening to Richard Armitage read me David Copperfield.  Goodness knows I wouldn’t have chosen to read it at all.  I am not a fan of Dickens.  In fact, this has taken me months to get through because Dickens just keeps going and going.  To be fair, it was originally a serial and he probably got paid more if he wrote more.  At least David Copperfield wasn’t his most depressing and it was far more engaging than Bleak House.

I only decided to take the book on because Richard Armitage was reading it.  You may recall, he is one of my favorites.  He was a fantastic reader too.  He had voices that were nuanced and unique.  The women were just as varied as the men.  I will listen to him again, just not for Dickens.  If only my other options weren’t just novelizations of Robin Hood and another Dickens.  He needs to do more audiobooks.

I feel like, in modern writing, this probably would have been broken up into a series.  We don’t serialize novels anymore.  I know I have considered it and that some authors have tried.  I am not sure it works, but I do want to try it.  It surprisingly seems to work with fan fiction.  It makes me wonder if it could be done as some type of subscription.

You tell me, would you be interested in serialized novels?  That is, paying a small monthly fee to get weekly chapters sent to you?  Would you only want this from new authors or your favorite authors?

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  1. I really enjoyed David Copperfield! It is one which I read over several months though, so maybe that’s important. I think Charles Dickens is really funny, and this is one of my favourite books 🙂 I’m glad you’ve found a reader you like. I like Tony Robinson’s books on tape, and Prunella Scales is brilliant too, she reads part of Wuthering Heights on a story tape I used to have.

    1. I think my issue with Dickens is how much he crams into one book. There are so many story lines. I find him snarky, but not really funny. I laugh at his snark because it’s clearly sarcasm. Austen is like that too. I have never listened to Tony Robinson that I know of, but I suspect I will hear Prunella Scales when I finally launch into the Foundations Trilogy.

      1. I like that about Dickens, because you see (very nearly) all of David Copperfield’s life, or a great deal of it. And a lot of books leave you wondering what happened next. But it is an interesting idea to serialise books, definitely, because if you could have read (or listened to) the first part of David Copperfield you might have been left wanting more, and wanted to carry on. And I have felt this way about the longer books I’ve read, because I often take breaks from them and come back to them after a week or two. So if they were serialised, that wouldn’t be what happened. I would read one piece at a time, and it would be a lot of fun! I have found that they are making books longer and longer now, so serialisation could really take off, I think. We serialise a lot of our stories on our blog, and it gives people bite size pieces of story to enjoy, rather than too much for them to read at one time 🙂 🙂 I like your blog, I have followed x

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