Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Tommy

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Tommy

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet TommyTommy isn’t a major character in the story, but he is Mary’s husband and Louisa’s brother.  In the original story, it was Tommy who re-introduced Captain Fredrick Wentworth into the story.  Also, his name is Charles in the original, but I didn’t want to use that name.

Here are five things you won’t know about my version of Tommy from just reading the book:

  1. In the original he settles for Mary, but it was Anne  (Emma) he wanted first.  That makes sense in the Regency era where families used marriage to improve their social status.  Both Mary and Anne are the daughters of a baronet (one rank lower than baron).  In modern times it makes no sense for someone to settle for a younger sister.  My Tommy only ever wanted Mary.
  2. He’s a Mets fan… pity him.
  3. Even though a lot of business is done on the golf corse, Tommy hates golf.  His solution is to go out when he has to, but he holds a club and doesn’t actually play.
  4. His favorite band is Queen and his favorite song is “Crazy Little Things Called Love”.
  5. On the weekends he takes his sons to a local comic book and gaming shop to explore.  They play all the Pokemon games together.  Right now, they would be playing Pokemon go together.


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