Reassessing Life Goals: Health

Re-Assessing My Life Goals

There is one life goal on my list that is being re-evaluated, but not to decide if it has to be removed, but to see if it needs to be evolved: health.  Of all my life goals, this one is not very specific in language, but in the details it is.  The life goal is to become and maintain a healthy version of myself.  This is one goal I may never achieve.  Why?  Primarily because my health changes all the time.  What I had to worry about 10 years ago or 5 years ago are different.  Things change as I age.  Things will happen to me that are completely out of my control and choice made long ago will impact my health in unanticipated ways.  This is why the smaller goals are far more important than this life goal.

Here is a general overview of my health.  First, I am overweight.  This won’t surprise anyone who has met me before.  You can tell by looking at me.  The thing is, I am also about 50lbs lighter than I was 6 years ago.  I am still actively losing weight and there is a target range I wish to achieve.  It may take more than a decade to get there, but it is a goal.  I don’t focus on the weight loss, but on the changes I make to my life that help me get there or hinder me.  Second, I have Type 2 Diabetes.  Managing this is critical to living the life I want.  Again, I don’t focus my goal on a number, but on the ways I get there.

This means in this big goal, there are a bunch of smaller goals.  There are small weight loss goals, exercise goals, frequency of exercise goals, diet change goals, and adjacent goals like getting Cedric.  Yes, I would put getting a dog under goals related to my weight.  I wanted a pet that would help me be more active.  He has done just that.  We go to the park almost every single day for 30- 60 minutes at a time.  Most days, when I use to plan nothing more than sitting around the house all day knitting and watching TV, are now broken up to manage his energy levels and my sanity.

What I really need to evaluate is not the life goal, but the smaller goals related to it.  I do this every year as my health constantly changes.  I always look to increase or maintain what I do.  This next year will be no different.  I will seek to be more consistent with exercise.  I will seek to cut more processed food from my diet.  I will seek to do more with Cedric.  This is one life goal I am pretty sure I will never achieve and am perfectly OK with that.

What about you?  How does health play into your life goals?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My current health goals are just to get healthy. It’s taken years to figure out some of things that have been going on with my body. I could probably start blog on all the observations I’ve made with the various medical professionals I have visited throughout this saga.

  2. Given what I know about your body… yeah, I think that’s a good goal. Even without your saga, how we each define healthy is different. I think just knowing that you are simply finding what is healthy for you is solid.
    Also, you could consider a blog about your body… and the kids health issues. I feel like you are living in a petrie dish!

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