Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Dave

Meet Dave

Meet Dave

There are some characters you love.  There are some characters you want to spend all your time thinking about.  There are some characters you don’t get to write about, but you fall in love with and wish you could give them more time in the story.  Then there are characters who actively dislike…

Dave is, in my novel, a combination of two characters.  When I first wrote this novel I wanted to keep all of Austen’s characters.  I wanted to try and keep them in their true role, but as I edited and re-thought characters, I realized these two needed to be combined into 1 character.  He actually made more sense to me once these two characters were combined.

Here are 5 things you won’t know about Dave from reading the novel

  1. As a kid, Dave was the one who kicked down Emma and Mary’s sand castles when he thought they were nicer than his.
  2. His favorite book series is the Wheel of Time series.
  3. His favorite movie is that animated Hobbit movie
  4. While the story takes place before the 2016 election, Dave voted for Trump.
  5. Dave is a man who identifies with the Alt-Right movement.  He is unaware of how racist he is, but he believes that social justice warriors are responsible for his family’s loss of wealth and power.  He has a number of fake Twitter accounts to use for trolling and is prone to writing Facebook posts that will start arguments between his friends.

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