Top 10 Books I Read in 2016

top10books16Obviously there are still a few weeks left in 2016 and I am still reading good books through the month, but I am pretty sure I can tell you the top 10 books I have read in 2016.  I have, so far, read 126 books this year and I hope to get in another 9 by the end.  So, here are my top 10 books of 2016

  1. The Locke and Key graphic novel series: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez created an amazing series.  I enjoyed the touches of Lovecraftian horror the involved malevolent creatures from another universe.
  2. Carry On: Rainbow Rowell introduced Simon Snow in Fan Girl and then managed to only write the last book in the series.  What I loved was that she created a universe and a lengthy set of past adventures through fan fiction in one book and 520-something pages in this one.  Yes, this book pays homage to Harry Potter, but it isn’t Harry Potter at all.  No, there are no other books to read in this series.  This one is all there is.
  3. Revealing Hannah: Yes, the author is a friend.  I read both book 1 and 2 in the series and love them both.
  4. Eligible:  It may not have been a perfect modernization, but I loved it.  I am pretty sure I will love almost all modernizations of Pride and Prejudice.
  5. Dead Wake: In my World War 2 exhaustion, I didn’t shy away from books about the other world war… World War 1.  Dead Wake was a good look at the events that helped bring the U.S. into the war.
  6. Between the World and Me: There is never going to be enough diversity in my reading.  I am always going to be trying to increase it.  Ta-Nehisi Coats wrote a beautiful book about being African American on modern America.
  7. Adnan’s Story: I followed the story of Adnan Syed through Serial, Undisclosed, and now the book.  I have remembered my love of true crime because of this saga.
  8. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: This is my mother’s favorite book and one I loved reading this year.
  9. Jane Steele: Not a modernization nor a variation of Jane Eyre.  Jane Steele is, the best I can describe at least, a re-contextualization.
  10. Rebecca: My gothic era romance novels have been really limited to the Bronte sisters.  I was excited to find this mystery much more engaging and easier to get through.

What would have been 11?  Turn of the Screw would have been number 11.  It was fun and I enjoyed it.

What were your favorite books of the year?  Tell me in the comments!

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