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My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

My Newest Obsession: Bullet JournalsRight now it makes sense for me to have a couple of different journals organized the way bullet journals can be.  Why?  Primarily because I already had a collections of topic specific journals.  Today I am going to share my knitting journal.  I suspect this will be merged with my blog journal as it evolves into a creativity journal.  For now I am keeping them separate while I learn what spreads work well.

What is happening in my knitting journal?  Previously, I used this journal to take notes at knitting events (workshops, trunk shows, etc.), plan out my designs, and plan a few challenges.  I have a knitting social network that helps me manage my stash of yarn, past projects, and projects I want to take on.  Right now I am not worried about using a journal to replicate that.  I am using it now to manage my design development, the sales of patterns, what happens to finished projects, and a group of Harry Potter knitters I do challenges with (the Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup).

Here are a few of the spreads!

The Knitting Journal

There are a a number of pages already in use and useful because my designs are on them.  I am numbering them the way some books will number introductory content: roman numerals.  I am adding washi tape to the binding to signify this content before the index.  I have taped in the designs so I can’t lose them.


Here is my index with the pre-index pages included.


Even though I use Ravelry to manage my projects, I realized I needed an analog tracker as well.   Right now I am tracking when things were started, if they for the Harry Potter group I am in, when they are due, if I have yarn, and where I am in the process. This is probably going to evolve to be more like monthly/weekly/daily spreads in a typical bullet journal. I am considering using this spread to inform how knitting fits into my daily bullet journal.  The big thing is that it all has to be useful and used.  This will evolve until it is the most useful it can be.


One of the biggest reasons I decided to have a separate knitting journal is to track my designing process.  I want to publish more of my designs over the next year.  I want to clean up and do better at promoting the designs I already have out there.  So, I am tracking where I am in the process.  I may have to separate those to-be published from those already published, but I have to play with this design as well.  This one is probably going to be one that moves to the blog/books journal as it evolves into a creativity journal.


As I mentioned, I am part of a Harry Potter related knitting group.  Every few months I take on a class theme and pick something to work on for three months.  Why?  Well, I think most people know I enjoy a personal challenge.  I am about halfway through the list of classes and am actually preparing for when we start again in January.


This is a spread I started this weekend as I tried to find finished items to give as gifts.  They are all over the place and I can’t remember what I have.  I am trying this spread to manage what is hanging around the house and what I want to do with it.  Notice this is a bit messy.  The pen is a little leaky, but my lines are messy.  Personally, I don’t care if my lines are perfectly straight.  It is far more important that the spread by useful.


I have a second knitting journal that was designed to be less of a workbook and more of a memories book.  I have seen a few conversations about this difference on bullet journaling groups.  If I am going to be creative, this is far more likely the place it will happen.  This is where I track knitting related adventures or important things I find.


Here is an example- this is a list of fiber festivals and cool yarn shops I have been to with Christi and Pat.  I have taped in a card from one of those places.


This is the international knitting locations I have visited.  I have kept the label from the skein of yarn I bought in the UK.  On the left page, it is the back of a list of yarn shops I have visited around the US.  I often try to visit shops when I travel, but I don’t go out of my way.


This page is devoted to inside jokes between Christi, Pat, and I.  You can see I have taped in Pat’s card.  This notebook is more like a Commonplace book or even a scrapbook.  I am not planning or tracking things.  I am using it to collect memories.


This is the last spread, which is tracking a knitting challenge related to the Olympic games.  I used this journal to track what I did.  A number of us got enameled pins to celebrate the event.  The woman who designed them sent this card along with it so it went right into the journal.

I have been playing more with the idea of two types of journals: the bullet journal and the commonplace book.  The idea being the place to organize my life and the place to store my memories of these things.  Many people seem to use one journal to do both, but I know that’s not going to work for me.  The knitting journal is a good example of one way that may work.  For me knitting is more than just sitting and making items.  I have a whole life built around knitting.  I travel to do things related to knitting, I spend time with people who knit, and I express creativity through knitting.  This may not remain it’s own set of journals, but for now I am trying to see if it works.

What do you think?  Do you have ideas on ways to improve this?  Does it inspire you to create a specific spread in your journal? Tell me in the comments!


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