Creating a Personal Archive: PAP’s Archive

Creating a Personal Archive

Creating a Personal ArchiveLast week I shared my failure when it came to thinking about what I saved from working on Modern Persuasion.  Today I am going to show you what it looks like when I am actually aware of what I am saving.  PAP is the code name for my second novel, a modernization of Pride & Prejudice.  A few of you already know some about this novel because I have asked you questions about it (a big thanks to Emily and Melissa who helped me understand more of life in a college sorority).  This novel is going through it’s third draft.  After this version I am going into copy edits before submitting it to a publisher.

PAP Draft and notesSo, the personal archive is something I am thinking a lot about.  I had 5 copies of the second draft to pass around.  I kept one for my own edits and then there are 4 others in the world.  I have one given back to me already and the reader gave me great feedback about what needed work.  My copy is full of red marks and notes.  Draft 3 is very different because of this feedback.

The other item that will be in this archive will be my Moleskine notebook with all my notes to myself as I planned things and developed the story.  This notebook is split between this and another novel so they will actually occupy the same container for storage.  This, by the way, is novel #3, which I will be editing in 2017.



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