Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Seth

Meet Seth

Meet SethWe are getting closer to the release date of Modern Persuasion.  This means there are just a handful of characters left for you to meet.

Seth is another secret favorite of mine.  He, like a few other characters, is two original characters combined into one: Captains Benwick and Harville.  They are friends of Captain Wentworth who play a huge role in moving the plot beyond the emotional tension.

Seth’s importance is less to Fredrick and more to Louisa.  Here are five things you won’t know about him from just reading the novel.

  1. His favorite author is Haruki Murakami.  If you have never read Murakami before, I highly suggest you do.  Seth’s favorite is Kafka on the Shore.  Don’t worry… he doesn’t get all of it either.
  2. He has a Poly Sci degree from UCLA, but he doesn’t use it ever.
  3. Is a Lakers fan and has been all his life.
  4. His favorite movie is Blade Runner.  This story takes place well before the new movie was announced, but in the future he won’t be sure how he feels about it.  I am posting the first trailer- tell me what you think in the comments!
  5. His favorite food is lobster mac and cheese- the cheesier, the better!


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