January’s Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia
January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia
January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

In a few days it will be January.  I am, again, changing things up on the blog.  Each month there will be a different adventure.  It could be NaNoWriMo, getting published, knitting, or Wikipedia.  The Monday posts will all be focused on that adventure.  I am planning each month’s adventure a head of time.

In January I am going to spend my time focused on Wikipedia editing.  Here is some background: I am a Wikipedian.  I have been for years, but I have been far more involved in actual editing in the last 3 years.  Last year I challenged myself to editing Wikipedia entries for 100 days.  It increased my Wikipedia participation significantly.  I passed 1,000 edits, created 15 new articles, and had a few arguments that I won.  It was an amazing experience, but I don’t want to devote that much time this year.

This year I am just doing this for 30 days.  But Sara, you think, there are 31 days in January!  I know- I am probably going to do this for all 31 days, but I want to use the 31st day of the month to reflect on what I did and what goals I reached.  So, what is the plan?  Last year I focused on quantity of content on edits, but this time I have some bigger ideas.

  1. Double the number of new entries I have created.  I currently have 15, I want to have 30 by the end.
  2. I have made over 1200 edits so far.  I want to get to at least 1500 edits, but ideally I would like to get to 2,000 edits.  It means I have to make 26 edits a day.  I suspect I will be making a lot of small edits.
  3. I have been asked to help a writer with his Wikipedia entry.  I want to spend a lot of my holiday break getting the edits ready to go.  This means research and drafting content.
  4. I need to learn more about project management.  A few of us are taking over editing local entries, but have no idea how to do things like evaluate quality of entries and setting priorities.  I would like to identify training and getting a few local people together to chat about what we can do to improve things.
  5. 1Lib1Ref is a Wikipedia Library event that I did last year and am very excited about doing again this year.  They are asking librarians to add one citation a day for 3 weeks.  It will happen when I am at the American Library Association Conference and we are trying to plan a way to get people together during the conference to edit.
  6. There are some work projects related to Wikipedia that I am going to focus on including grant writing, conference proposal preparation, and working with classes.  Work time related to Wikipedia is going to focus on these things specifically.

What can you expect next month?  On Mondays I am going to tell you about what I did during the week.  Not really a blow by blow of what I edited, but how it served these larger goals.  I am keeping things organized with a journal spreads that I will share as I go.  I am really thinking about what I need to organize with Wikipedia and how to lay it out.

I am also hoping to make some screen cast videos of what I learn as I learn it.  I am playing with a few ideas on how to get people more engaged in Wikipedia as editors and how to make Wikipedia editing less daunting for people.  It’s an idea I am really playing with right now, so we will see how it goes.

What will happen on Wednesdays and Fridays?  Well, Fridays will remain about Modern Persuasion and it’s publication (less than 3 months!).  I am still playing with Wednesday’s content, but it may relate to the organization element.  I have been enjoying sharing my bullet journal content.

So get ready!  What do think?  Is there any Wikipedia related content you want me to cover?  Let me know in the comments!

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