Don’t Forget: 2017 Postcard Club!

Postcard Club

Postcard ClubIt’s nearly 2017!  I am very excited for 2017 for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons: The Postcard Club!

This week I went to the Post Office and picked up a crazy number of stamps for postcards.  I have gotten everything organized too.  I found all the postcards I have around the house and put them all in the same place.  I even may have bought a new set of postcards because they are Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!


Oh yeah, they make these!


And I am kind-of in love with them.


Bonus, there are 2 sets.  This means I can keep my favorite, like this one, and let you fight for the other one.  Or I can just randomly send it to people who sign up for the postcard club.

Bonus, I found a great journal with it.  I think this may be my next reading journal.  Not that I will need one any time soon, but it is just so lovely…

So, if you are interested in someone sending you mail for nothing in exchange, sign up for the postcard club!  You will get a monthly postcard from me.  Month 1: Harry Potter ones from Universal Studio’s in Orlando.  I only have 5 of those, so sign up soon!

Sign Up Here!

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