Modern Persuasion: A Book Tour?

Book tour cities

Modern Persuasion Book Tour Information

There are just over 2 months left before Modern Persuasion comes out.  I am getting really excited, but it’s time for me to think about how I am going to connect with readers.

A number of people have asked me about hosting a launch party.  They have asked me about visiting book clubs.  They have asked me if I want help arranging to speak at book stores. They have asked me about a book tour!  YIKES!

How do I answer?  What do I do?  I mean, this is just my first book and I don’t have a huge fan base yet… or any fan base.  That is the thing about a launch party; you really need some type of fan base.  Also, I am not quite sure where I would have it and when I should have it.  Thus, the answer to the first question is no, there isn’t going to be a launch party.

What there is going to be are Meet & Greets.  What are these?  I am going to wait to explain those in another post.  What about book clubs?  I am always happy to come to a small gathering and chat with people about my book, even if you want to rip it to shreds and try and make me cry.  Side note, I cry when talking about my book anyway.  I cry for a lot of things.  The same for bookstore signings, but there is far more work related to that.

The idea of a book tour is what I want to talk about today. Half the story is about a book tour.  This helps me pick some of the cities I would like to visit. So, I am planning my tour around that tour.

Book tour cities

Things technically are starting at the end of this month in Atlanta.  While I am there for my conference, I am going to share some interesting things in the city including places Fredrick and Emma would have visited on his bookstore.

This is how a lot of the book tour will work.  I will share the city from the point of view of my characters.  What would they be doing in this city?  Where would they go?  What are the best bookstores?  Will I meet people, sign books, and chat about it?  Oh course!  If there is interest in a Meet & Greet, we will make sure one gets planned.  Will there be one in Atlanta?  Probably not; I mean, there isn’t an actual book yet.

So, watch out for Atlanta and announcements about other cities and dates.  Most won’t start until May.  Do you live in one of these cities and want me to touch base with you?  Please email me.  I can come meet with a bunch of friends, a formal book club, or even just meet you at a cafe or bookstore.


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