30 Days of Wikipedia: Happy 16th Birthday Wikipedia!

30 Days of Wikipedia Week 3 Update

30 Days of Wikipedia Week 3 Update

It has been a long, weird week and it’s only going to get more so.  After a stressful drive back from Syracuse.  What happened?  What was suppose to be a weekend in Syracuse with friends, two pending snow storms made me decide to leave early.  What was suppose to be a nice weekend, turned into 3 days of driving.  I left Syracuse in time to get to Massachusetts just in time for the snow.  I think I spent about 30 stressful, high anxiety minutes driving in the snow.  Side note, even without snow tires or change, the Mini Cooper handled beautifully.  I drove the second half of the trip the next morning.

So, I did get edit Wikipedia all three days.  Since I had nothing to do in the hotel room, I made sure to get some work done.
Where am I as I start week three?  I am editing every day, but not a lot.  With a lot going on at work, I found myself not being able to really focus on anything related to Wikipedia, even work projects.  Well, that is until an amazing meeting on Friday with my faculty collaborator.  More on that at the end of the month.  I focused a lot on adding citations, adding categories, and cleaning up vandalism.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:W16_wordmark.svgWhat is coming up this week?  The 1Lib1Ref event begins, which means I will continue to focus on adding citations.  I am going to be at a conference over the weekend, but it is a professional conference.  It will be important for me to get editing done and I believe some of us are trying to get together to do just that.  This week is also the 16th birthday of Wikipedia.

I also have to do a bunch of research about… well, I don’t want to share this yet.  It has to do with my meeting on Friday and the presentation we are creating for a conference in May.  Last, I had a little fun and made my first category for Wikipedians who are alumni of Simmons College.

Last, I have been thinking about the goal I set to hit 2,000 edits by the end of the month.  Here I am, halfway through the month, and it is clear that it won’t be happening.  Why?  Well, the key is that I have to make 26 edits a day.  For those who don’t understand what it means, let me explain.  I have to click the edit button and save those changes 26 times in a day.  It is surprisingly not easy to do.  Why?  Mostly because I am inclined to hit edit, make all the edits I can think of, and then hit save.  Saving each little change before hitting the edit button again is far too much work.  One way around this is to add categories.  Each time I add a category, it is counted as another edit.  The one day I got more than 26 edits, was the one day I mostly added categories to a new entry.

The problem is that doing 26 edits a day is time consuming.  This means I am adjusting the goal.  Now the goal is to get to 2,000 edits by July.  I am pretty sure I can get to 1,500 edits by the end of the month, but I will spend the next 5 months getting the next 500 for the goal.  This will put less pressure on me.  Right now I have about 1,350 edits.  If I can make 10 edits a day, each day, for the rest of the month, then I should be able to do this.  I will know more next week.

Until then, how do you use Wikipedia?  Come on, admit it, you know you do!


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