Managing Your Disappointment and Pivoting

Getting Ready For Modern Persuasion

interviews-reviews-and-moreIt’s been a long two weeks for me.  With the travel and getting sick, it would have been long enough.  On top of it, I have had to pivot in regards to Modern Persuasion’s publication.   Obviously, we were all expecting the cover reveal to be a few days ago, but with the publishing date being pushed out, that isn’t going to happen for another few months.

There are a few things to be aware of right now.  First, we are still discussing when the new release date will be.  They proposed one date and I suggested something different.  At the very least, I suspect there will be a 2-3 month delay.

Other authors have been encouraging.  These things happen in publishing.  What this really impacts is my promotion of Modern Persuasion.  My second novel is moving forward and being edited by others.  My third novel is officially dusted off and stretching it’s legs (so to speak) for the first time since last spring.  I am outlining and brainstorming my Harry Potter fan fiction for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo.

What is changing here on the blog?  Fridays are still going to be about Modern Persuasion.  There are a bunch of character profiles to get to and I have added a few more that I put off because of the timing.  I have some more time to prepare special give aways for the release.  A few things are going to move to just those people on the mailing list.  If you need a reason to sign up for the mailing list, micro-stories are going to be released starting in March.  That will be one per month.  These will eventually be made public, but not until the book’s release.  People on the mailing list will read them first.  There will also be a special give away to those on the mailing list.

This took some time to think about, but it wasn’t difficult for me to do.  What I have been struggling with is the emotional change.  I was ready for the cover reveal.  I was excited to share the book.  It was just within arms reach and then pulled out a little farther.  Dealing with the emotional shift and being sick at the same time gave me plenty of time to wallow.  It wasn’t my wallow-est wallow because it’s not a failure, but a postponement.  It still feels very similar.

What does that mean for readers?  Not much except that you have to wait a few more months for the book.  What does it mean for me?  It means I have to keep making sure I can be flexible with all of this.  There are many benefits to working with a publisher, but I am on their schedule.

Until then, help me out.  What would make it more enjoyable for you guys while we wait a few more months?  What would you like me to post about Modern Persuasion?  Let me know in the comments!

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