InCoWriMo: International Correspondence Writing Month

incowrimo2017We all know I love a good monthly challenge.  One of the things I have enjoyed about the Postcard Club so far this year has been sending analog mail to people.

It has also helped to clear out my collection of postcards.  What it hasn’t helped is my obsession with stationary and notecards.  I have so many notecards, thank you notes, and calling cards.  I have blank ones that I thought I would use to make my own cards with stamping and scrapbooking tools.

This year I learned about International Correspondence Writing Month, InCoWriMo.  Instead of writing a novel, I actually send out 28 letters, postcards, or notes in the mail.

I am also expecting to get letters in the mail.  Do I expect to get as many as I send, obviously not!  So far I have sent 14 notecards or postcards.  I have the rest addressed and ready to go.  If you look at the graphic for this entry you will see what I have been sending.  I took a bunch of the blank notecards, added a strip of washi tape, wrote Hello! on the front, and called it a card.  It helped me use up the washi tape I don’t adore and it got the blank cards used.

img_6092So far, as of today at least, I have only gotten one in the mail.  It is from someone I have on my list as well.  What is nice is that I can respond to her question and ask my own!  I love the card she sent me too and she added some stickers that I have put in my bullet journal.

I am using this as a chance to promote the postcard club a little.  I have gotten a bunch of new people to sign up for it because I have mentioned it on some InCoWriMo Facebook groups that I joined as part of the month.  It inspired me to go out postcard hunting this month.  I found a local artist who made the cutest postcards.

img_6093I have been using my bullet journal to track what I have sent and received.  You can see I have 32 boxes for sending.  That is because I created my list and then a few people asked to be added.  I have a spreadsheet on my computer to track addresses and personal details, but in the journal I have added their name and how I got their address.  You can see some of the postcard club members, some of the read-a-long notecards that I sent out already, and the general InCoWriMo participants I have picked.

On the other side you can see one of the stickers I got on the letter I was sent.  I hope that I will fill up the right side a bit more before the end of the month.  In early March I will share an update of how the whole month went.

Until then, have you ever heard of InCoWriMo before?  Are you participating this year?  Do you miss getting analog mail that isn’t bills or junk mail?  What if the postcard club evolved into something where we exchange mail?  Let me know in the comments!



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