Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Victor

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Victor

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet VictorVictor is not a major character, but because he was inspired by one of my friends, I want to include him in our character profiles.  Three characters in the book are inspired by my friends.  I already did a profile for Christi, but this month we are going to meet the remaining two.  Let’s start with Victor.  Victor was actually inspired by various people in my life.  I wonder if they can identify themselves.

5 Things You Won’t Know About Victor From Reading Modern Persuasion:

  1. He loves World War 2 history.  He watches any movie about World War 2, no matter which theater it focuses on (Europe or Asia).  He reads WW2 related books.  In fact, Fredrick made a point of grabbing a couple books just for Victor when he was at PubCon.
  2. The man eats anything.  There is nothing he doesn’t enjoy.  When he, Patrick, and Fredrick go out for Dim Sum, he will try anything new (even Phoenix Claws).  His favorite Dim Sum is CongeeHe has been known to get two bowls on occasion.
  3. He and Fredrick are known to get high at parties, pull out guitars, and make up songs.
  4. He is known for being particularly evil when playing Cards Against Humanity.
  5. He always has the latest tech.  He has a whole room at home devoted to his technology and Patrick calls it The Museum of Dead Technology.

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