I Rejoined Toastmasters

I Rejoined Toastmasters

After a great start to Camp NaNoWriMo last weekend, I got side tracked for about a week for a variety of reasons.  I had a very productive week, it just wasn’t related to writing… in any capacity.  Even this blog post is being written late because I have been busy.  One of the main reasons is that I rejoined Toastmasters.

I Rejoined Toastmasters

Toastmasters – The Past

It wasn’t just because I re-joined Toastmasters, but that became a big focus of my week.  Some background, for about 7 years I was a member of the public speaking organization, Toastmasters.  In that time I completed their educational program two times and was on my way to finishing it for a third time.  I realized that I could have gone in circles with the program, but I really wanted to focus on professional goals that would utilize my developed communication and leadership skills.  This was when I first got my current job, about six and a half years ago.  Things have changed since, including my professional goals.

Why Re-join? What Changed?

About two weeks ago I spoke at a SIPA meeting about writing a 30 second pitch for your book.  It is one of the things I have become obsessed with as I prepare for Modern Persuasion’s release.  I realized I missed writing speeches, speaking in front of audiences, and sharing my knowledge.  Yes, i do this at work, but I am a bit bored with telling the same thing to, what might as well be, the same group of students.  I am not going to get into that issue today, but I dusted off an old business plan to become a professional speaker.

Professional Speaker?

Yes, this is a thing!  These are the people who give keynotes at conferences or are invited to speak to a group about a specific topic.  They are paid for their time and, depending who they are, get paid a lot to do so.  I always struggled with what I could be paid to speak about.  When I developed the plan, I wasn’t really an expert on anything.  There was a system in place with Toastmasters to become an accredited speaker and part of their speaker bureau.  This means that anyone looking for a speaker could find me through Toastmasters.  It’s a long process and I have to be paid for speaking regularly.  Seven years ago I was not ready to really consider this a reality, but things have changed.

What Are The Plans?

You may have noticed the focus of this blog keeps changing.  It’s me trying to find something I enjoy writing about.  There is the ongoing theme of my own writing and novels.  That’s not going anywhere for a while and Fridays are pretty much dedicated to this is some capacity.  Mondays and Wednesdays are always in flux.  I am going to keep playing with things here and maybe launch something bigger from here.  Who knows.

As for Toastmasters, I am not re-joining to get involved in the organization again, but to focus on my bigger goals.  Last time I felt too caught up in the politics of the organization and I want to avoid that.  I also need to make sure I don’t get caught up in side things that will distract me from what I need for my own goals.  I do that all the time and I know I can easily get caught up with the Toastmasters educational program and what the club needs.  I need to focus this time.


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