Mill Pages Volume 1 On Sale Now

After years of participating in National Novel Writing Month, a few of us started a small writing group: Mill Pages.  That group has grown over the years and we have been publishing our short stories, poetry, and art work through a few different things.  We put a number of those items together in one magazine back in 2015 and printed a few copies to give out locally.

Volume 2- In Development

For the past year we have been working on volume 2 of the magazine.  While we liked having a local pinter, we realized that the type of product we were looking for could be done the way we want it and for less money through Amazon.  We started exploring the option for volume 2 and realized we could do this for reprints of volume 1.

Volume 2 should be out in the next few months.  I will have a short story in the collection.  It will be the second short story in a series I am calling The Frozen Planet series.  You can read the first story: Frozen Wasteland for free.  You don’t need to read one to understand the other.  It’s a collection of connect stories, but they are independent of each other.

Mill Pages Volume 1 – For Sale

We decided to re-list Mill Pages vol.1 as both a magazine and Kindle ebook.  You can buy it bellow to read a short story I originally wrote in college and re-worked for this publication.


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