I’m Having A Week

Getting Ready For Modern Persuasion

This week brought some bittersweet news.  Just a week before Modern Persuasion’s cover reveal was set to take place, my publisher decided to permanently shut down. All rights for the book reverted to me as well as a few drafts of the book cover, all of which I had already knew weren’t right for the book.  I’ve spent most of the week in a frenzy of decision making and activity.

Getting Ready For Modern Persuasion

The Publisher & The Author

I’ve made the decision to push through with this book as a self-published book.  It had been my original plan until, nearly a year ago, I thought maybe it would be good to have a publisher.  I was struggling to make decisions and thought a publisher would be able to make better ones.  I did my research, took a chance, and had a favorable outcome.

There were frustrations dealing with the publisher.  To be fair, I strongly suspect this was a side gig for the owner.  She was nice and supportive, but communication was difficult. It had been made very clear, at every step in this process, that I had to be the entire marketing team.  No matter what the publisher said they could do, what they were actually going to do was not the same.  I learned a lot about being a publisher over the year of this process.  I am pretty sure there is a lot I can do with my current network.

Surprised?  Not Really…

It was frustrating to learn that the cover had not been finalized, the font details and layout had not be decided, and the book had not been listed with potential distributers.  It was not surprising. I knew I was taking a risk on a brand new publisher.  They had some other fantastic books in their lineup.  Then my publication date got pushed back 3 months.  I had been hands-off until then.  I assumed they knew what they were doing and trusted them to let me know what they needed from me.

The changed release date shock my faith in my publisher.  It made me tinker with my publishing plans.  There was an ego boost to getting a publisher accept a book so quickly and easily.  This followed with the realization that there are other paths that work better for me.  It has put me in a whole new frame of mind, but I think I am up for the challenge.

Current Plan

I am working my best to stick to the May 29th publication date.  It is very unlikely a cover reveal will happen on Monday.  A few people are already seeing the drafts of the cover.  A note about the cover, with a week to go before the cover reveal, there was no changes to the covers I was sent after my first round of feedback.  I noted the direction they were taking and made some adjustments based on what I found among options.  I would love to have time to work with a professional cover designer and someone to do the artwork, but this book may get an updated cover for a second or special edition.

For now I am taking care of things I had hoped my publisher would get started, but now fall to me.  You can see, I have started my Amazon author page! Right now Mill Pages is up.

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  1. Sara, how terrible! I have published poems and workbooks before but not a novel. And, I know I would be unnerved by it all. Some publishing companies are scams. I don’t know about this one. You seem upbeat. I love following your b!IG. I love the read a longs. I am sorry this happened. But keep on track with publishing. I look firsts to reading it.

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