Modern Persuasion Cover Reveal

Modern Persuasion Cover Reveal

I did it!  After a week of frenzy and input from so many people, I am happy to share the cover of Modern Persuasion.

Some background and thank you’s first.  This was an amazing process.  One of the many reasons I wanted a publisher was to take care of things like this.  This is where I struggle when it comes to my own work.  What I saw in my head and what would connect to readers are very different things.  My former publisher did send me four designs that gave me an idea of what they were thinking.  I tried to move forward from there.  None of the designs were quite right, but a couple got close.

Thank you to Laura and Rebecca who have been so supportive and let me tag on to Illuminated Myth to put this out.  To everyone on Facebook who helped me pick the right images, fonts, and colors.  I really wouldn’t have done this much this quickly if you hadn’t been so helpful.

OK! OK!  Here it is, the cover of Modern Persuasion!Modern Persuasion

What’s next?

Presale is tentative as of today.  I have to get approval from Amazon to do it.  My goal is still to open that up for next Monday.  The book is going to be $9.50 for the paperback.  I will know more about the Kindle price once things are approved.  The release date is still May 29th!   If you are a blogger who wants to be part of the blog tour, email me.  I have proof ebook copies for you!

Watch here, more is coming including some giveaways and more!



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