The Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Tomorrow is a big day because tomorrow starts the Modern Persuasion Blog Tour!  It feels like forever ago that I started taking over the publishing of my novel.  It’s hard to believe that in just over a week, the book will be shipping to everyone who has pre-ordered it and people outside of my circles will be learning more about it.  It’s surreal and exciting!

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

What is a blog tour?  I have been busy meeting new bloggers, primarily fans of Jane Austen and Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF for future reference).  A book is considered JAFF when it is a derivative of a Jane Austen novel: Clueless, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and Modern Persuasion.  Yes, Clueless is an adaptation of Emma.  More on that this fall.  There is a whole world of JAFF books, some very popular and some very niche books.  I am very excited to share this book with fans of other JAFF books.  I am also very excited to share these blogs with my friends, family, and readers.

This is the point of a tour of blogs.  Each day 1-2 blogs will post something about my book.  It might be a guest post, an interview, a review, or simply an announcement that the book is available.  Bellow you will see a list of the blogs and the day they will be posting their content.  I hope you visit them.  A few have been very excited and helpful with the entire thing.  Working with these bloggers has been one of the most exciting parts of taking on the job of publisher.  To be clear, it’s ALL been exciting, but these bloggers are that freaking awesome.

One note about this, this week is primarily dedicated to these bloggers.  I will have plenty to share once the book is released.  I will be sharing their posts every day so you can read them too.  Here is the schedule:

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