Help Share Modern Persuasion!

Help Share Modern Persuasion!

What an amazing first week it has been for Modern Persuasion.  Reviews are so positive and encouraging.  My trip to New York was amazing and there is so much to share!  There is still so much to do to help new readers discover Modern Persuasion.  Here is how you can help!

Help Share Modern Persuasion!

Write an Honest Review

Be it on Amazon or GoodReads (or even Barnes and Noble), leaving me an honest review will help other people discover Modern Persuasion.  It should be honest about what you thought, even if you didn’t like it.  There have been some amazing review so far and some other ones.  So far

Share With Friends

The way people discover books is often by knowing someone else who read the book.  Please share the book with friends.  You can do something small like just post it on Facebook (which so many of you have already done).  You can also invite me to speak to your book club or meet with a group of friends.

What Else?

There are a bunch of things still going on.  This entire summer I am going to be answering people’s questions about the book, what happened after, what happened before, and anything else you want to know.  There will be short stories released as different goals are hit.  Right now, if you can help me get 100 people to add the book to their TBR shelf on GoodReads, I will release a short story picked by my friends on Facebook.  It is about Emma’s few hours at O’Hare airport with her father and Karen, after breaking up with Fredrick and graduating.  It will be silly and fun.  Right now I have about 15 people who have added it to their lists on GoodReads so we have a ways to go!

Thank you to everyone who has been helping so far.  The positivity has been so encouraging and motivating.


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