Modern Persuasion Raffle Winner!

The knick-knacks

I ran a raffle for the past two weeks!  Did you know that?  It was for knick-knacks that Emma or Louisa may have picked up on Fredrick’s book tour.  I had something from all the cities on the tour.  I had to pick up the NYC one this past week while I was there.  I got this cute little snow globe.

The NYC gift

The other items were very similar.  I got this cityscape paper cut out for Chicago.  Some pads of paper from Washington D.C. and Atlanta.  From Boston, I picked up a Dunkin Donuts mug (New England runs on Dunkins).  For Los Angeles I got an ornament.  I even found this cute map of Cape Cod by a local artist.  It’s my favorite item.  On top of all of this, the winner gets an autographed copy of Modern Persuasion.

The knick-knacks

So?  Who is the winner?

The winner is: Patricia Finnegan!

The winner is Patricia Finnegan!  She has been contacted about her prize and I am busy putting on the final touches.  I added a couple of bonus items.


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