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Getting Ready For Modern Persuasion

It has been an exciting month.  Between the blog tour, being on local television, and getting to be a guest on the local AM radio station, I am hoping to have made a good impression and increased awareness of the local writing community.  Also, I hope more people are exposed to Modern Persuasion.  As exhausted as I am (and have been since April), it is exhilarating and empowering.

Modern Persuasion

Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Creative Creatures

When my friend Rona invited me to be on her local television show, I was taken back to my high school years focused on television production.  I love talking and I am happy to do it in front of a camera.   I had a great time chatting with Rona and Dr. Kevin with Laura Fedolfi (she writes the Revealing Hannah series).  The video is now available on YouTube, so everyone can see it!

Feel free to leave comments and follow Dr. Kevin’s channel!

WCAP Morning Show

This week my friend Beth invited a bunch of local authors to join her as she got to take over the morning show for WCAP, our local AM radio station.  I was one of three authors who took her up on her offer.  Beth is also a published author of nonfiction work.  One about divorce and taxes and another about the tax policies of the 2016 presidential candidates.  One I hope you may never need, but the other is something I know a few of my friends should find interesting.

We had a great time chatting about writing, local writing groups, and the little things we have noticed about publishing.  It was fun to do the radio show, which I typically visit once a year to promote a library event.  This time it was fun to just talk about me!

Other Things!

As much fun as I had in New York City, it was a lesson in my struggle with face-to-face promotion.  Social media is easy because it’s me and the computer.  Media like the television and radio shows is easy because it’s me doing what I am always doing: talking.  When it came time to put content into people’s hand, I struggled.  It felt forced and awkward.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  This is where I have to discover my way of working.

I have so many things coming up over the next few months.  I will be updating the book with corrections just as I am getting a readers guide from my book club!  It will be available for free, but I am adding it to future editions of the book.  I am visiting book clubs (let me know if you want me to visit yours, I will even do it through Skype or whatever tool you have), going to local events to sell books, and trying promotion at conferences again.  It is all very new and exciting!


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